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  • SPEEDY Metal Polish cleans surfaces of soil, bugs, tar, grease, oxidation, and stains and leaves a chrome like finish. This product requires less work than other metal polishes because of a unique compound cleaning action in an emollient state that cleans without scratching.

  • SPEEDY can be used, by hand or machine with fast residual removal and minimal drag, on aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper or any metal that oxidizes.

  • SPEEDY seals and protects with carnauba wax and silicone polymers to resist soil, oxidation, detergents, and water spots.

  • SPEEDY leaves a shine that will last a long time. One 16 oz. bottle will polish a regular set of aluminum street rod wheels four to six times.

  • SPEEDY will not harm most painted surfaces, decals, or clear coats, but it is NOT to be used to polish painted surfaces. Use ReJex for your painted surfaces.

  • SPEEDY works fast and is easy to apply.  Wheels on your street rod or motorcycle can be polished in half the time, resulting in a chrome like finish.

  • SPEEDY is available in 8 ounce containers or the 16 ounce container.

  • SPEEDY Metal Polish is not available at local retail shops.

  • USA shipments ONLY

  • Be sure to check out the RejeX polymer page for your painted surfaces.

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This 2005 SSR has Rejex on the paint and Speedy Metal Polish on the wheels.........

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